The job you dream in a welcome place.

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With many refugees in Greece, a job search mobile application is only a small way to help refugees to find a proper job. Many of them are very skilled people, who just want to make a new start in a welcomed place. Nobody can feel free without his/her independence and security. Undoubtedly a job offers the opportunity to start over your life again. Many refugees have limited technology materials apart from their smart phones, as most of their valuable left behind. So that why I strongly believe that a smart phone application is totally addresses to theirs needs. Refugees stay connected to their job search while on the go. Search, view and apply to jobs - whenever and wherever they are as far the got this application and their smartphone.


Jobs Opportunities

- Refugees will be able to search, view and apply to jobs.



- They could create RefWay profile and store resume, job applications and job lists.


Favorities List

-Save job posts to apply later / or email them to a friend / or share job posts through social media


Infirmation & updates

- Keep up to date with the status of your applications



- See jobs similar to those you applied.


Be there for you

-Techinical and not only support through embedded conctact form.

How RefWay Application was born

“Meet the Hackers” event, at Diplarios School. A place full of nice people, more than 100, willing to help refugees with the active participation of the them. People with different backgrounds worked in groups and sought sustainable solutions for the refugees...

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Preview the RefWay Application

I would like you -please- to see, check my first, premature, prototype, how the RefWay application would look like in terms of layout, and features.I would be more than grateful people if you could check the bellow link & “run” RefWay Application. Your comments and suggestions would be more than useful and helpful..

Preview Refway Application